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Knives 2087AD

3D rendering of a monolithic building

Often, I come across some cool images on Pinterest or Instagram that triggers some emotion, some "wow, cool!" or "man, that looks awesome!" And the next thought is: "I wonder if I can do that, too..."

So, I open Blender and start playing around.

In this case, it was an architectural concept from Ukrainian architect Roman Vlasov - you can see it here on Behance: → https://www.behance.net/gallery/68311161/concept477

Basically, it's a building wedged between two cliffs, overlooking the sea, white concrete contrasted to black rock.

Using the array modifier in Blender, I constructed the building, set in a landscape generated with the A.N.T. add-on and started to add lighting.

The first render, with some added post, was simple enough:

Maybe too simple?

I kinda wanted something more futuristic, more bleak. Ropes! I needed ropes! Luckily, I came across → this awesome tutorial and it helped me make exactly the kind of rope I was looking for with minimal effort. Using Photoshop and free resources from textures.com, I added graffiti, grunge and some general fucked-up-ness. The birds came from a free image from unsplash.com.

And the result I quite liked.