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Kaleidoskope - Architecture Series

A series of kaleidoskopic images. These with a focus on architectural images.

I've been playing around with Photoshop, trying to find ways to create those reflecting, kaleidoskopic images without manually resizing and rotating images. This was eventually achieved by using embedded images - there is an origin file, one that is cropped to a triangle, one that reflects the first triangle and the final image, which combines the triangles in a hexagon. Voilá, now I only needed to swap the origin image and the final file would update. This enabled me to play around with many different source images. In a second step, I combined two images with different scales and even added some transparency.

This is the "Architecture" series.

Vaults and arches are a great asset in the creation of reflecting images. They have great repeating units and interesting patterns. Especially Islamic architecture has always been firmly grounded in geometry and mirrors.

Architecture I

Kaleidoskope - Architecture I

Kaleidoskope - Architecture II

Kaleidoskope - Architecture III

Kaleidoskope - Architecture IV