Jack-of-all-Trades, connecting knowledge, curiosity and overview. Instead of narrowing down into one specific career, I have many interests, which are yet connected in the end: how we live, especially in a digital age. How we can develop products and services so they are useful and elegant. And how we can prepare the next generation(s) to face this digitized world.

Even as a child, I wanted to be an "inventor", and I even ended up as one. Not in the mechanical engineering sense, but as someone who sees solutions, opportunities and potential for improvement. With knowledge from a wide range of areas, maybe it's possible to come up with novel solutions and ideas that simply haven't been there before.

After graduating high school, I studied material science and nanotechnology in Erlangen, Germany, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in 2020. At the same time, I was increasingly interested in graphic design, working with Photoshop and 3D software since the 10th grade. Useful to know, especially in science studies!

2013 I spent several months travelling New Zealand and South-East Asia with a backpack, discovering how life is on the other side of the world, sleeping in the back of a car for five months.

I found a job at the KOSMOS publishing house in Stuttgart, the home of scientific toys for kids - physics, chemistry sets etc. My responsiblity there was mainly physics and programming science kits. The kit "KosmoBits" that I developed there with a colleague won the ToyAward for most innovative toy at the Nuremberg fair in 2016. While working there, I studied graphic design online for a year.

After the time in Stuttgart, I went to the far north: Akureyri in Iceland for half a year in the winter, working in a small hotel. During this time, I made plans for a training that would connect science and design, which ended up as → Engaging Elements. 2016 and 2017 found me back in Germany, in Munich, as website designer for a small agency. In 2018, I switched to the innovation center of German polymer company REHAU which the frankly cool job title of "Innovation Architect". After a couple of months, I switched back to being self-employed and educated myself in web development - a passion since writing my first line of code at the age of 13.

I'm living in the west of Munich and work as web designer and developer, trainer and educator, author and consultant, juggling my interests. Don't hesitate to contact me!

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