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Giant Rooks

Inspiration comes from the strangest places: Giant Rooks is a German pop band that have graced my Spotify playlists in the past weeks.

And a rook is also a piece in chess... so what if Giant Rooks were really about a landscape of massive chess figures?

The figures I found on www.blendswap.com and set up a landscape with the A.N.T. landscape add-on for Blender. Then I textured the ground with a rocky sand texture and gave the chess pieces some nice marble texture.

It took several tries to get a nice result, moving the pieces around and also create a sense of scale. For this, I set the camera to a low focal length, like a widescreen lens.

Finally, because I was too lazy to actually find a 3D model for the person in the foreground, I photoshopped them in, based on a picture from unsplash.com.

And admittely, I wasn't happy with the result at first. I wanted the chess pieces to be more fucked up, the person to better integrate in the scene, a better sky and more interesting lighting... but I also wanted to finish the image as a whole. So - progress before perfection.